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PhotoPages Online was my first web site, built in year 2000. Then followed Baker Street Resources and West End Online in 2001. The other sites were all built between 2002 and now. All sites, except Three Phase Systems, were built using Microsoft Frontpage. TPS was built using Xara Web Design Premium. InMotion Hosting is our web host.
In year 2000, PhotoPages Online was the first web site that I built. There was a lot of trial and error 'til I got it down. PhotoPages had a totally different look back then and has evolved to what it is today. The site has grown to over 570 pages and 3,500 photos. It's been a great way to share family and vacation photos with our family.
West End Online went live on February 25, 2001 as a rally point for our 2001 high school class reunion. Over the next few months, new feature pages were added. By week 28, WEO had over 20,000 hits. In 2004, told me that WEO was the largest reunion site on the web. WEO has since more than doubled to 385+ pages and 1,800+ photos.
In 1998, I started my home business, Baker Street Resources, to see used data center equipment. But did not have a web site until 2001. The site grew from just a few pages to over 100 pages today. The site still produces income, however I am semi-retired and just work a few hours eachday.
Four years ago, realizing that the medical industry is rapidly growing, I expanded my business to include used medical imaging systems and used biotech laboratory equipment. This web site, Baker Street Medical, was built to generate buy and sell leads which I send to dealers for finder's fees.
Google recently announced that, for mobile searchers utilizing smart phones, sites not mobile friendly would not rank as well as mobile friendly webs. Frontpage does not have this capability, so I built Three Phase Systems with Xara to satisfy this requirement. At TPS, searchers using smart phones are presented with a different landing page than those using PCs and laptops.
In 2000, Ryan started his home-based business, Shockwave Solutions, to buy and sell used IT systems to include servers, storage and network systems. This site has grown to 130 pages offering a full line of brands and models of equipment. Shockwave Solutions primarily buys used equipment for sale to dealers that refurbish for resale.


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